Monday, 31 May 2010

EOTW #16: Eurovision Special

Yes, with the recent Bank Holiday weekend came the by-now-traditional 'mixed' weather but also the Eurovision Song Contest; a televisual feast that divides opinion even more than Israel's nautical stop-and-search policy..., in the interest of harmonious cross-border relations, this week's EU-funded* Euphemisms Of The Week focuses on the wonderfully translated foreign-language entries to the aforementioned cultural event. All of these appeared live on screen for those of you following the competition via the BBC's 'red button' interactive service which helpfully scrolls the lyrics across the bottom of the screen for each act. And I'm calling them 'Europhemisms', before any bugger else does :)
  • Leaving the porch light on
  • Wiping the dust off your love
  • Hiding the apricot stone
  • Seeing the end at your window
  • Scratching the fallen ceiling
  • Arranging the books
  • Mending the shabby gown
And a special EOTW mention to our friends at Watch With Mothers for their 'as-heard' translation of Portugal's entry, which can be seen and chuckled at here. Fear the potatoes indeed...

* no, not really.

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