Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Lovely infographic from SectionDesign in Wired attempting to predict the winner of this summer's World Cup through the use of linear regression on population, GDP, experience and home advantage. They claim it is effective 72% of the time...

...and whilst I'm sure a few would agree with the winner, some of the earlier rounds leave me scratching my head! Still, get your tenner on Serbia, by the looks of it :)

(via the always wonderful Information Is Beautiful blog)


  1. England out to Germany in the last 16. Looks pretty plausible to me ;)

  2. Yes, I agree that one fits the data mapping perfectly :)

  3. oh come on, you could draw up a graph based on the number of space aliens residing in the countries playing in the World Cup and the computer would still spew out Brazil as the result :)

    anyway, with my super duper prediction skills, I say most of the long odds teams will be winnowed out by the first knock out stage, quarters at the latest.

  4. I thought, I have to keep staring at this till it makes sense. I can't let it beat me.

    It beat me.

    But the colours are pretty!