Thursday, 19 January 2006

back to work :(

So my paternity leave is nearly at an end. Bah.

Two weeks really isn't enough, you know. New parents have only just about worked out which end does what by then, and there's certainly no pattern to their sleeping/feeding. We were a bit lucky in that she arrived over Xmas/New Year so there were a few Bank Holidays thrown in for good measure, but if the Government are serious about wanting the best possible start for today's children, they could do worse than raise statutory paternity leave to four weeks paid leave. Or even six. And yes, they should fully reimburse those nice employers who encourage fathers to take time off to assist their partners by offering them more than the pitiful £106 per week basic.

Come on Tony Blair, father of four.
You can do better than this. Yes you can.
Stop being scared of the CBI and make a difference.

Update One

Thought I'd send the link to this post to Mr Blair.
So I went to the 10 Downing Street website and tried.
And got this:

Dear Adrian
We are aware that there is a temporaray fault on the Email the Prime Minister link which we are trying to fix so please bear with us.
Thank you for your patience.
Katie Smith
No.10 Web Manager
Prime Minister's Office
10 Downing Street

Inspired bit of e-government...

Update Two

Apparently, dough-faced-tight-fisted-Celtic-loon Chancellor-of-the-Exchequer Gordon Brown is to be a father again! Splendid, that can only mean a prompt revision of the paternity leave position and an increase in both time and remuneration. Surely...?