Wednesday, 28 July 2004

white goods

I seem to have acquired a new 20Gb iPod thanks to Phil and his business trip to L.A. It's very shiny. Oh yes. Now I just need the docking cradle, in-ear buds, soft case, NaviPod, remote control, iTrip, mini-speakers, cuddly toy...

Monday, 26 July 2004


Went to Buy None Get One Free at Sahara Nights on Saturday - very entertaining evening spent mostly on the roof terrace. It would appear I took some photos (no, I don't know why they're all b&w) so laugh at the victims here

Friday, 16 July 2004

relish the victory

Pleased to announce a resounding win for the G.R.A.C.C against the Northern Scum XI in York on Saturday. You can read Chairman Mayes' report here