Monday, 7 June 2010

EOTW #17

Hauling ourselves out of a warm, comfortable bed and lurching folornly down the road into the start of another working week, we stumble past the prostrate form of The Publican-championed* Euphemisms Of The Week, as it recovers from the after-effects of one too many cider slammers.

Recently observed on the web of shame:
  • Going up to Hampstead for a wander
  • Drinking prosecco in Estonia
  • Collecting the oboe
  • Sitting on the giant pink sofa
  • Losing the percussion egg
More to follow...

* no, not really.


  1. still no room for my Estonian-themed "succumbing to the elk"?

    bah, the competition is too fierce!

  2. The rules are very clear; only one Estonian-themed EOTW per week (otherwise @Pochyemu would win...)

  3. No kidding. It'd be "succumbing to the elk"s here and "eating beaver salad"s there...Estonian cuisine is just a minefield, apparently.