Thursday, 27 April 2006

more freyja, finally

With apologies for the delay, here are some more snaps of the small person:

[gallery] :: freyja

Yes, she may possibly have one of the most extensive wardrobes amongst the under-2s in South London...

Saturday, 1 April 2006

Watch out Spurs...

Arsenal 5-0 Aston Villa

With Tottenham and Bolton both losing, and Blackburn a point behind, fourth place is now in our own hands. Win our remaining 7 matches and we're definitely in the Champions League next season (and Thierry will almost certainly stay).

Six of those seven are Man Utd(a), West Brom (h), Man City (a), Tottenham (h), Sunderland (a) and Wigan (h) as well as the rearranged away game at Portsmouth to fit in somewhere.

Going to be a very exciting end to the season.