Thursday, 2 April 2009

270,000 Seconds

We* have eight (8) matches in the next twenty-five (25) days. That's a game every 3⅛ Days or 75 Hours or 4500 Minutes or 50 Football Matches.

Of course, that's what comes with still pushing for the Champions League, the FA Cup and 4th (surely 3rd? - Optimism Ed) place in the Premier League and it's great for the watching fans, but this could be the time in the season that shows up our** lack of depth in the squad.

We've*** already potentially lost RvP, Bendtner and Nasri after the STUPID international week and despite our**** big players (Adebayor, Walcott, Fabregas) all returning, as well as the recent run of form, it's rapidly approaching 'squeaky bum time' starting with the visit of Man City at the weekend.

Come on lads! Let's see what you're made of...

* that is to say Arsenal Football Club, not that I play for them or anything, as parodied brilliantly by Mitchell & Webb, but I shall continue to say 'we' through force of habit and the mistaken belief that I am in a big playground gang of shouty boys, which is actually not far from the truth :)

** that counts too

*** and another one

**** etc and so on

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