Friday, 17 April 2009

Red Is The Colour*

So tomorrow sees the beginning of the start of the finish of the end or something.

Arsenal could play the three teams above them a grand total of eight times in various competitions between now and the end of May, as follows:
18/4 Chelsea, FA Cup Semi-Final
21/4 Liverpool, Premier League
29/4 Man Utd, Champions League Semi-Final (away)
5/5 Man Utd, Champions League Semi-Final (home)
10/5 Chelsea, Premier League
16/5 Man Utd, Premier League
27/5 Chelsea, Champions League Final (if we beat Man Utd & they beat Barca)
30/5 Man Utd, FA Cup Final (if we beat Chelsea)
I imagine there won't be much call for swapping shirts at the end: "Sorry, mate, I've got that one already..."
"Come. On. You. Gunners."

* that's especially for Rowan - hopefully it will be a good game tomorrow (and may the better team win :)

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