Monday, 20 April 2009

It's Funny Now, But Just You Wait

Whilst this is still utterly disgraceful:

This is quite amusing:

Five Things English Football Would Copyright If It Could

For now.


  1. a member of Blueflag got a cease and desist letter for something pretty similar - he runs, a fanzine, and the letter was from Chelsea themselves about the use of images etc. Again, they're not for profit and only get a small amount from advertising - they even used to work fairly closely with the club's PR people. Sigh.

  2. It makes me utterly livid.

    The fans themselves are providing online social content which is not necessarily available from the clubs, the Premier Leauge, the FA or Football DataCo *spit*.

    These guys are totally not-for-profit and actually drive traffic to the clubs official sites - in some cases (as you mentioned) working directly with those clubs and their PR departments!

    The suits have gone power mad; crazed by outdated intellectual property laws and refusing to step back from their petty bureaucratic world and unwilling to view global social content distribution as beneficial for the game.

    What a set of total blithering fucking idiots.

    Still, it's a good job none of the total blithering fucking idiots understand the internet or they might sue me for that.

  3. I've had no time for the suits at Chelsea since they brought Blofeld Kenyon in. He had an acquaintance of mine, a member of the Chelsea Supporters Group, up to his office and pretty much threatened her with a permanent ban from the Bridge because he thought the CSG had known about a cheap tickets for kids protest at a match. You treat your loyal supporters like that, you want taking round the back and given a good shoeing.