Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Protesting Times

Curiously looking forward to the G20 protests tomorrow.

Unfortunately, given that my colleagues and I start work at 7.00am, we will have already contributed half a day's work/tax to the economy by the time the protesters drag themselves out of their yurts and gather at Moorgate/Bank around 11.00am to make a bit of a nuisance of themselves.

Well, good luck with that; I've got a meeting...


  1. frankly, the city deserves everything it gets :) a few tarred and feathered merchant bankers would go down a treat imo.

  2. Actually the whole mess is more to do with hedge funds, which are mostly based in Mayfair these days.

    Anyway, I shall report back on the view from our office, if any of the protesters ever manage to drag their sorry asses out of bed to Moorgate tube station (none yet).

  3. I take your point about hedge funds, but banks per se have to shoulder responsibility for the mess. And the government for not introducing tighter regulations.

    I hear the City Workers are waving £20 notes at the protestors again, you'd think they'd know better this time round. If any of them do get dragged out their offices and given a mild shoeing, do be sure to put the photos on twitpics :))

  4. oh, and keep your head down when you venture out. I wouldn't want anyone I actually like to get caught up in it :)