Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Listening To The Tweets (Lock Down Your Aerial)

I've always admired The Streets and Mike Skinner's DIY ethic and he's now decided to release tracks via Twitter. Last Monday he posted this:

And he did, the best of which is in my humble opinion the funk-tinged 'Trust Me' (anyone know the sample? - Spotter Ed) which should be belting out of every car stereo in South London this summer, if there is any justice. Check it:

The Streets - Trust Me

Just loving the lyrics ("I see Alice in Wonderland / I see malice in Sunderland") and look! Beards are the new black; I am so on message this season:

(excellent pic from stereogum.com which also has the other two tracks)


  1. Fourstar, nice find, I love the Streets and it's cool that they have a blog.

  2. Cheers Tim, I think he's going to do some more so well worth following him on Twitter.

  3. Nice find,we need to celebrate.lol..=)