Saturday, 17 January 2009

I Can't Believe Its Butlins

The line-up for this festival looks absolutely amazing:

Aphex Twin / Future Sound of London / Jamie Lidell / DJ Qbert / Carl Craig / Green Velvet / Afrika Bambaataa / Skream & Benga / Busy P/ Altern-8 / 4Hero / Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry / Rusko / Ed Rush and Optical / Mad Professor / Modeselektor / Beardyman / Appleblim / Joker / Ulrich Schnauss / BassClef / Rob Da Bank / Billy Nasty / Radioactive Man (and those are just the ones I've heard of...)
Lord knows I'd like to go, but I've never been to a Butlins before - will they still have a poolside knobbly knees contest? Maybe a gurning competition might be more suitable :)


  1. I had a look at Butlins when booking last year's holiday. Think we decided it was a bit stag weekend/hen night in the end.

  2. I believe Alison... over on Dylan's teeth went to this two years ago...

    She said that because everything was closed the place had a distinct Stalinist Russia feel. She remembered quite vividly in a local co-op trying to explain to a confused shop keeper what vegetables were. They didn't seem to have them in whole Butlins area.

  3. This is the first time that BLOC has been held at Butlins; I think maybe your friend went to Pontins?

    The resort will be open, although I can't guarantee that the trampolines, archery, football etc will be - it's up to the BLOC organisers -. We sell a range of food including vegetables and there is also a Tescos around the corner if you want more choice.

    We've moved on a bit from knobbly knees - sorry if you were looking forward to that! - but there are loads of pubs including; a sports bar, coffee bar, night club and cocktail bar. There's also crazy golf, a swimming pool with slides, bowling and lots more. Check out the resort on our website if you want more information:

    The area around Minehead is really pretty and if you get time it's worth popping over to see nearby Dunster Castle or walking along the beach.

  4. I didn't go to BLOC, I went to the Sonic Youth ATP about 3 years ago? I know it was in early December, and it was very cold and miserable weather. It definitely felt a bit Siberia.

    There was a distinct lack of vegetables in the onsite shop - perhaps the other kids just got up and did their shopping earlier than us - and the crazy golf etc was firmly closed.

    That said our chalet was very cosy - a lot better than living in a tent for a few days!

  5. Everything you read about Butlins now claims it has "moved on from knobbly knees contests".

    Which is a shame. Not enough of that kind of thing in my opinion. In these times of economic meltdown, what better idea to lift the mood than a poolside patella parade?

    You know I'm right.

  6. Sounds like Pontins is the place to go?

  7. Alex - I thought it might be Pontins becuase the BLOC event used to be held there. Sorry to hear about the vegetables - I've mentioned it to our Food and Beverage team.

    I will also pass on everyone's comments about knobbly knees to our entertainment team. I'm not sure that they would ever reintroduce them, but retro is cool lol! I can't speak for Pontins but I don't think they do knobbly knees either. Although there was such a competition at Bullring shopping centre last summer but only a couple of people entered! Why don't you do your own online knobbly knees competition?

  8. @Wearebutlins: "Why don't you do your own online knobbly knees competition?"

    Yes. Project for February.

  9. It's a thought!! Let me know if you do end up going to BLOC and what you think.