Saturday, 10 January 2009

Geek Girl

Scene: A domestic kitchen in South-East London, 8.15am

A man, the father of the family, enters dressed in a dark grey dressing gown and carrying two half-drunk mugs of tea. His daughter, aged three, is perched at the kitchen table in blue spotted fairy pyjamas, clearly doing something with the laptop. He watches her move the mouse and purposefully click the button.

FATHER (intrigued): Hello you. So what are you up to, sweetheart?

DAUGHTER (nonchalant): Oh, just checking my email.

The man stands for a moment. His daughter clicks again, gives a chuckle and closes the lid of the laptop.

Fade to black


  1. I don't think thats geeky - I think its more "girl about town" and that in another couple of years she'll be pretending to check her mail on her toy blackberry ;)

    Jacob, on the other hand, says stuff like "bounce the router, mummy, I can't access the internet" and "mummy, this game needs a plugin to play, can you download it for me?". Sam just goes "gruuunt" which could mean anything ;)

  2. Who said she was pretending? I've already set up :)

  3. Ok, I've sent her an ecard - nothing special, but the only thing I could find without paying or registering!!

  4. She is *very* advanced ;)

    I too got the girl about town vibe! I think she'll be diarising drinks around the My First Bar in no time!