Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Change 21

Today's change involves us entering the astrological sign of Aquarius, which also means it is very nearly my birthday! Now I have to admit that I am not a follower of the mystic art of astrology, as it is what is commonly known as 'a load of claptrap' but apparently Aquarians display some or all of the following traits *deep breath*
Strong-willed, stubborn, obstinate, very opinionated, conceited, far-sighted, visionary, revolutionary, original, innovative and inventive, tolerant of other views, seeing both sides of the argument, unprejudiced and objective, humane, humanitarian, altruistic, idealistic, having high expectations, friendly and sociable, inconsistent, shirking personal commitment, loyal in friendship, remote, detached, aloof, impersonal, emotionless, cold, devoted to goals, free-spirited, rebellious, hides true feelings, independent, individualistic, intelligent, intellectual, curious, seeks mental challenge, very clever, witty, unpredictable, eccentric, unconventional, misunderstood, enigmatic, magnetic, progressive, imaginative, intuitive, frank, outspoken, unwilling to participate in any standard of protocol.
So we are friendly & sociable but detached & aloof, objective & progressive as well as obstinate & outspoken and loyal & enigmatic whilst still emotionless & cold.

Er, right...


  1. Yeah. Stick a list of 80-odd adjectives together and some of them are going to apply to everyone. Especially if you include antonyms.

    Mind you, us Aquarians are known for our cynicism...

  2. I thought we were inconsistent :)