Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Change 27

Today's change was actually an additional change from yesterday (I know, I know, so sue me...)

Anyway, at the aforementioned vendor lunch, I ordered Cha Han as a bit of a change from my usual. Obviously I'd spotted that it came with prawns but assumed that, given my well-documented-since-childhood disdain for things-of-the-sea, I would just push them to one side and think no more about it. However, when my dish arrived, not only was it steaming hot (and accompanied by those great little multicoloured pickles) but the advertised prawns were most definitely not the pathetic nonentities you might stumble across in a badly-thought-out late night chow mein; no, these were monsters, seemingly grilled to perfection and laid on top of a mound of golden, steaming fried rice, glistening in the lunchtime sunlight ('steady on' - Food Porn Ed). I simply had to try them. And do you know what? They were great.

So I think I may have just had a seafood epiphany. And for anyone who knows me, that's change.


  1. blimey!

    that's marvellous though, well done, I am so glad. We'll have to go out for a slap up fish supper next time I'm in the Great Wen ;)

  2. I know, I was quite taken aback :)

    Still a huge block about fishier tasting things - anchovies, FFS? - but I have turned the corner. Next stop, scallops.