Sunday, 11 January 2009

Change 11

Today's change was the fitting of voiles* to our front bay window (ostensibly to keep the low winter sun from shining in and disturbing our mid-afternoon viewing of Season 3 of Heroes, but actually so we don't have to look at the chavs.)

* your Aunt Enid would know these as nets, but nets aren't very Habitat :)


  1. they aren't nets, ffs, don't you blokes know anything?

    I had this v same conversation with Doug two years ago when he commented that £160 was v expensive for net curtains.

  2. Hang on, I believe I said "your Aunt Enid" would call them nets, not me (as I am a massive metrosexual who knows his window treatments from his elbow).

  3. does that make Doug your Aunt Enid then?