Monday, 2 March 2009

No Co.mment

Shame, this was one of the better thought out blog comment tracking systems:

co.mments - No more

I guess I shall have to look around for an alternative. Not coComment, tried that and didn't like it. YackTrack and BackType seem to be OK from a quick Google, will try them. Or has anyone used Commentful, seems to be part of BlugFlux? Suggestions, people?


  1. Hi, is this Adrian lightly's blog page? If so, apologies for spooky comment but I went to school with you and was convinced you were at the Maritime Muesum's music group on Sunday (yesterday). I spent a whole five minutes today trying to prove myself correct as I never forget a face.

    Anyway, was i correct?

    Kind regards Daniel Allum

  2. Adrian - I think I was at school with you too..

  3. Belle - really? What a coincidence. Now, did you play prop forward for the U15s? Or open the batting for the Thirds? You weren't Head Boy were you? Happy memories...

  4. I like YackTrack, but I am the developer so I have a clear bias in this arena. Let me know if you have any problems or questions with YackTrack. Just ping robdiana or yacktrack on Twitter or email support AT

  5. Thanks Rob, I am giving it a try as we speak. It does seem that none of the ones I have tried so far have had allany of the features I need, so maybe YackTrack is the one...