Monday, 9 March 2009

Fast Eddy

Brilliant volleyed goal from Eduardo in our 3-0 win this weekend; praise all over the blogs so I won't bother adding my 2p, except to put up this picture, which really demonstrates his fantastically cheeky technique, right off the beaches of Brazil:

However, one thing which did totally surprise me was the use of an embedded YouTube video of the goal on the Daily Telegraph website, here:

UPDATE: they have pulled the embedded version, now just a link to the YouTube page

In the current climate, where large organisations are frantically protecting their intellectual property and demanding even the briefest sporting clips be taken down from video hosting sites with frightening alacrity, I find this astonishing from a mainstream newspaper. Especially as it turns out that they didn't upload the clip - although I desperately wish they had. Anyway, by linking to this clip, uploaded by a random internet punter, they're seemingly giving tacit approval to the 'theft of copyright material', if you side with the FA?

Now I really want to see if it suddenly says "This content has been removed after a claim by the copyright owner" and what (if any) comment the paper puts out at that time. Anyone know if The Daily Telegraph is part of the same media group as Setanta or are they just pushing their luck? Interesting move.

That said, if the quality of the Setanta Sports satellite feed is anything to go on, they're not very technical over there so I suppose they might just never find out :)

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