Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Had Your Phil Yet?

I am incredulous.
"Brown has questioned whether Fabregas should have been allowed on the pitch, adding that he thought his attire of jeans and a puffa jacket was unsuitable."
I'm sorry, Mr Fashion, but you lost. We are in the semi-final. Cesc's choice of outerwear had nothing to do with your Allardyce-esque, spoiling, time-wasting, anti-football tactics. And guess what? They came back and bit you on the ass. Now STFU and get back to the Championship where you belong, fool.


  1. A no-jeans policy for football managers?

    Jesus. What next? Bouncers on the edge of the technical area?

    "That whisky nose looks casual to me, mate. Fuck off."

  2. I'm not in a postion to comment on the football, but puffa jackets are so-last-year!