Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Poll Position

(This will sound like sour grapes but I simply don't care.)

Graham Poll is the worst referee ever to be given the chance to take charge of a first-class football match. Not just wrong decisions but unadulteratedly ridiculous, completely unacceptable downright mistaken ideas about the basic game of football. The man simply does not understand the rules. What little he does have in his plainly wooden head fluctuates between petty card wielding and blind nonsensical waving-on of play. The man is truly an idiot. I hope he goes on to have a hand in a title-deciding 94th-minute penalty at Old Trafford so that other teams may share in his wisdom. The complete and utter &£%$.

Yes, we missed chances; yes, we should have been ahead at half-time; yes, we had players missing due to the 'brawl' on Sunday. But when the referee is that inept, forget it. Because it simply doesn't matter what you do - even Sky's Andy Gray (and this is saying something) had to point out that the referee was (and I quote) "rather inconsistent". No shit, Sherlock.

Right, I'm off to hack people down in the penalty area; apparently it's completely acceptable these days. Don't even think about talking to me about this match until I've had at least three coffees tomorrow. And then make sure I'm not wielding something blunt...

[insert extended swearing here]


  1. This is probably a bad moment to mention that we're outta coffee at work.

    Oh dear God I'm going to have a bad morning...

    A run to Costa anyone? My shout.

  2. When McCarthy scored last night (and a blinding goal it was too), I looked at Julian and Doug and said "texting Adrian at this moment would probably be the wrong thing to do".

    Boy was I right. We shall give you a wide berth today.