Sunday, 11 February 2007


After lunch at Alex & Kat's new house down in Gipsy Hill yesterday, we decided to walk off all that excellent coq-au-vin with a stroll in the afternoon sunshine (surely "light drizzle" - Met Ed.) and took Freyja down to see Crystal Palace Park. On the way, there was some crazy talk regarding Victorian dinosaurs and, after meandering past the remains of the 1851 Great Exhibition building (which unfortunately burnt down in 1936) lo and behold, there they were:

Quite bizarre but really rather splendid. Apparently, the sculptor once took tea inside one of the beasts but ended his days as an invalid in the Debtor's Prison. Fascinating stuff.

And Freyja, true to form, slept all the way round :)

(Thanks once again to AutoStitch for the automagic panoramic photo)

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