Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Bootleg Genius

Now I have been championing this guy for a couple of years now, but finally Go Home Productions (aka Mark Vidler) has got EMI to release his best work to date as "Mashed":
Not content with just slinging together some beats and an accapella, he spends a lot of time creatively splicing in tracks that work with each other musically.

You can listen to selected highlights on the site. Or just buy it :)

01. Franz Buffalo Malcolm McLaren vs Franz Ferdinand
02. Boogie Oogie Music
Madonna vs A Taste Of Honey
03. Missing Groovejet
Everything But The Girl vs Spiller
04. Horny As A Dandy
Mousse T vs Dandy Warhols
05. David X
David Bowie vs Liberty X
06. Passenger Fever
Peggy Lee vs Iggy Pop
07. Flashing For Money
Deep Dish vs Dire Straits
08. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
Kylie Minogue vs New Order
09. Hella Lola
No Doubt vs The Shapeshifters
10. Doctor Pressure
Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine
11. Proper Education
Eric Prydz vs Floyd
12. Rapture Riders
Blondie vs The Doors
13. Notorious Trick
Duran Duran vs Kelis
14. Sing Back Connection Elastica vs Moloko

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