Monday, 12 February 2007

Intrastation Conversation

Tube Gossip: As Heard On The Underground

Greg Stekelman (aka TheManWhoFellAsleep) has been collecting snippets of conversation he has overheard on the London Underground for the last five years. Stripped of all context, they are quite strange/funny/sad accordingly. Randomly selected highlights include:
  • £40 million? It's peanuts. The government probably spends that in a day on traffic cones.
  • I can feel my mind beginning to dislodge itself.
  • I've still got that sachet of wet towels from the Turkish restaurant.
  • She said she's going to mum's for Christmas and dad's for Boxing Day.
  • Your rucksack is full of string.

He's also written a book; I think I may have to check it out:

Update: Alex & Kat already had it so they have very kindly lent it to me (unread too!)

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