Saturday, 28 February 2009

Social Schmocial

All true:

No further comment; I'm AFK at the moment...


  1. Hi, is this Adrian lightly's blog page? If so, apologies for spooky comment but I went to school with you and was convinced you were at the Maritime Muesum's music group on Sunday (yesterday). I spent a whole five minutes today trying to prove myself correct as I never forget a face.

    Anyway, was i correct?

    Kind regards Daniel Allum

  2. Hi Daniel

    You are correct! We were indeed there - the music group was a bit of a last minute decision but Freyja enjoyed it.

    Now I must admit that, to my unending shame, I cannot quite remember you - was it Heslington, Archbishop Holgate's or St Peter's? Shame on me, but I have had two kids so my memory is shot to pieces through lack of sleep.

    Hope to hear back.


  3. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for the reply and apologies again for spooky mail.

    Yes, it was Archbishops. I left there when I was 14 (I think) so you'd be forgiven for not remembering. I'm Ok with faces but often can't remember names. I don't think you have changed much at all. Anyway, I've also got two kids and my brain doesn't appear to function in quite the same way it used to. I always feel that i have never quite woken up, even if I've had plenty of sleep.
    I don't really keep in touch with anyone from that era although I get the odd e-mail from Paul Kettlewell.

    Well, nice to hear from you and what a small world!