Monday, 16 February 2009

Peace, Lily


I'm going to stand here and say to a possibly wearisome & increasingly cynical world that I really like the new Lily Allen album, apart from (the slightly bizarre) Never Gonna Happen*.

And I also liked the last one.

So we seem to have arrived at a situation whereby either (a) she has made two utterly godawful pop albums and I sit here totally outed as the owner of a musical ear more befitting a mutilated koala or (b) they deserve a bit of an unprejudiced listen.

Your choice. And indeed, as ever, your loss.

Oh, did I mention that Spotify rocks like nothing else? I did? OK, good. Do it. Now.

* which for some reason feels exactly like three songs merged into one in an increasingly-desperate coke-fuelled last-minute ignore-the-Grade-Five-Theory-rules-of-musical-chord-progression-Dave-coz-we-have-an-album-to-deliver edit, presumably because it was.


  1. i feel it lacks some of the sparkle of the first album (which i do really like). this is mostly the fault of the production which is so slick as to be nearly frictionless most of the time. it's only when the sheer exuberance of a particular song (fuck you very much, for example) roughens the edges a bit that i can find enough to really enjoy. not bad at all tho given how much time she must devote to appearing in the london shite.

  2. I like this lily album too.....AND the last one...