Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Skream In For The Kill

I recently heard this on Mad Decent radio and Sinden's podcast, gave it props on, which instantly Twittered it and now I'm embedding the YouTube on my blog. How ridiculously Web2.0 is that?

(I also just discovered the improvements to YouTube embedding: customised playback area, choice of sizes and optional 'related videos' strip. Much better :)


  1. You sound like you know what you are talking about. Will you come over and re-design my website for me. For free. I will make you green tea and stroke your curly blonde hair while you do it?

  2. Ah. At this point, I feel I should confess that I'm not a natural blonde.

  3. That's the daughter of June Ackland off of The Bill, y'know.

  4. Tsk, Clair - been reading popbitch again when you are supposed to be working in your new and exciting job?

    And do we think June Ackland is a natural blonde?