Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Surreal Landscape Of Nostalgia

No, not Milton Keynes, but an interesting dissection of current parents' favourite, In The Night Garden on StrangeHarvest:

Not sure he needed all the screenshots, but my curiosity was piqued by this paragraph towards the end:

"The history of children's TV echoes throughout. There are references to the Magic Roundabout in the bandstand, to Camberwick Green in its mechanics, to Thunderbird 2 in the Pink-Ponk's [sic] green livery, to Trumpton in the echoey naive folk music. The texture of the image is made just as rich by combining live action, rickety stop-frame and gradient perfect CGI, and the soundtrack whose organic sci-fi squelching might have arrived fresh from the Radiophonic Workshop. The programme construction is perhaps the most sophisticated on British TV. And the effect is fantastic."

Blimey. The Pinky Ponk is Thunderbird 2 - look:

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