Monday, 5 November 2007

Grapes, Anyone?

Ah, it's nice to see we have them this rattled so early in the season.

"Both of our goals were from really beautiful pieces of play ... their goals were a bit more scrappy."

So Rooney scuffs his shot, which rebounds off his knee onto Gallas's elbow and trickles in at the near post past a wrong-footed Almunia. Er, yes, beautiful. I will happily admit that their second was a lovely flowing move through Saha and Evra but so was our first and Cesc's cool-headed finish showed real class.

Sorry, Owen, wrong again.

"On our bench, we were getting terrible abuse from people two or three feet away from us. There is a lack of security. It is absolutely disgraceful the abuse you and your staff take. All sorts of things are being shouted and screamed at you and there is an absolute danger here."

Now I am very glad he has brought this to the attention of the watching media. Next time 65,000 people at Old Trafford start chanting 'disgraceful abuse' at Arsene Wenger, I shall watch with pride as Sir Alex halts the game, marches to the centre circle and turns to the fans with arms spread wide, shouting "Stop."

No, really, I'm looking forward to it.

And three final words: "Game. In. Hand."


  1. rather early days for all this, innit?

  2. Never too early for Fergie, once he realises he's not going to have it all his own way :)