Saturday, 24 November 2007

Ready, Steady, Mech

Flatpack creatures to download (PDF), print out and build!

Perfect for those wet winter (and, to be fair, summer) Sunday afternoons, fellow Dads :)

(My favourite is Tentaclopse...)


  1. superb! although I'll leave them to doug to make - if my empire state building from the guardian is anything to go by, I need to leave this sort of stuff to an anal bloke with a metal ruler and a craft knife....

  2. Did you see the following week where they printed some of the photos people had sent in posing with their constructions (including gorilla suits and/or biplanes)? Some people have too much spare time...

  3. I did. I should have photographed mine after Sam finished with it - mangled, chewed and strangely in better shape than when I put it together... ;-)