Monday, 19 November 2007


Here's an interesting idea; rather than treating their customers as criminals, a group of record labels (including Warp, Modular and Kompakt for starters) have teamed up with a variety of music blogs/websites (Drowned In Sound, Seen) to offer ad-supported online content for free:

Seems to have only been going less than a week, but I imagine many more will want to jump onboard. They ask you not to 're-host' anything you find but in return offer a variety of widgets for your website/blog so that you can have auto-upating content direct from the RCRD LBL site (although if I'm honest I tried to get the Warp Radio widget to embed here and it wouldn't so some work to be done there. Or perhaps I am a muppet. That's more likely.)

Anyway, this was the weekend roundup of the posted MP3 - some interesting stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. More details of the usage policy and the Creative Commons license in the FAQ. Sign up, looks good.

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