Sunday, 2 September 2007


Good weekend here.
  • Reduced the number of washing machines we own to the tune of one, whilst increasing the standard of the aforementioned items (and therefore the quality of life for our tenants) at the flat
  • Popped round to see our ex-downstairs neighbours, John & Mercedes, for the first of two BBQs
  • Collected Freyja from our ever-willing babysitters (my parents!) and jollyed over to Helena's 30th birthday thing, also a BBQ (excellent potato salad, H, by the way)
  • Despite the dreadful traffic around Dulwich Village/A205, got to the Honor Oak for dinner with the aforementioned parents, food very good, (Hoegaarden very good also :)
  • Popped to Alex & Katherine's with a composter (is it quite large?) which was exchanged somehow for a lawnmower and an old fridge (note to self: must discuss advanced bargaining tactics with Alex at work next week :)
  • Successfully mowed lawns at great speed before the gathering and looming dark clouds did the inevitable English summer thing :(
  • Aforementioned random fridge to tip (quite literally 2 minutes before closing time)
  • Took shears to edges (followed by some surprise to have already half-filled our composter)
  • Sat down with Tanqueray & tonic, and then followed...
  • Arsenal 3-1 Portsmouth which was a good professional win, partly with 10 men. But then
  • Aston Villa 2-0 Chelsea which was a complete shock, Lampard or not. Blimey.
Carry on!


  1. I was so shocked I forgot to put the stuffing in the oven. My father-in-law commented "but Chelsea don't lose" and I said "yes, that's why I forgot to put the stuffing in the oven".

    You see what happens when they lose? The natural order of things is disturbed :-(

  2. So that was, what - 18 games unbeaten?
    Eighteen? Pathetic :)

    >>> 49 <<<

  3. 65 games unbeaten at home. Go count them.


  4. I don't know much about football. But isn't there a rule somewhere which says you have to play away as well as home?

  5. Well said.

    Still, Cashley should learn to keep his trap shut, shouldn't he :)

  6. Alex, as you don't know much about football, I shall excuse your lamentable manners, and just note that its 7 months since we were last beaten away.

    So there.

    (yes, yes, that includes a 3 month break for the summer, but what the hell)

  7. You can thank Chris for the potato salad. And all the cooking and a lot of the tunes as well actually. he worked very hard.
    Thanks for coming, I had a great day. x