Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Deezer Geezer

Just become aware of this French website which offers free access to user-uploaded MP3s to listen to online.

"What the ... ?!" I hear you cry.

Apparently it has an agreement with SACEM (which as I understand it is the French version of the PRS/ASCAP) to pay it an agreed portion of its advertising revenue in publishing royalties.

Remains to be seen if the RIAA will flex its international muscles (like it did with the Russian site, AllOfMP3) and wade in with the helicopter gunships. Although Universal is said to be somewhat unhappy and might beat them to it (having just signed an exclusive agreement with a different French ISP, neuf.fr, with whom they share a parent company, Vivendi).

Worth a look, streams fine, not a bad selection. Is it the new Napster?

And obviously there's a Slashdot thread.


  1. I like Deezer. Only wish there was a way I could scrobble Deezer tracks :(

  2. Well if it doesn't get shut down, there almost certainly will be :)