Tuesday, 25 September 2007

First Ade

Emmanuel Adebayor has auctioned his hat-trick shirt, the one he wore in the 5-0 win against Derby, for £50,000 in an auction to raise money for leukaemia research. He really is a jolly nice chap (and he can keep scoring beauties like the one against Spurs all season long, if you don't mind, please).

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Frank Lampard has donated his shirt from last Sunday's 2-0 defeat at Manchester Utd to Shelter. A spokesman said they were "very grateful and hoped to be able to house up to fifty homeless people inside it in the very near future".



  1. one wonders what you were searching for to find that page....

    Ade, bearing in mind that I have ceased making kiddie fiddler and rapist jokes about Arsenal players, I think you should refrain from making fattist jokes about Frank. Especially as he's obviously as fit as a butchers dog, whereas the off-colour remarks about his arsenal bretheren have yet to be disproved :-)

  2. It was rather a beauty wasn't it and yes if he scores them all season long especially against spurs he'll be a top boy in my book!

  3. @rowan: Yes, but my jokes are funny :)

  4. stop believing your own publicity :-)