Wednesday, 29 August 2007

RIP Puerta

Sad news today - Antonio Puerta, who I wrote about as a potential summer signing for Arsenal, has died after suffering a heart attack playing for Sevilla against Getafe on Saturday night. Apparently, he had an incurable, hereditary heart problem (arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy) and was only 22 years old.

We do come to see our football idols as superhuman and this just serves to bring it back into perspective somewhat. Hopefully some of the bitching and mind-games might ease this weekend as people remember a talent prematurely cut short:


  1. good job you didn't sign him, I guess.

  2. Now now, remember how cross you got about Cech...

  3. I was being serious! Never mind Dyer being out for a season about a week after West Ham signed him, imagine someone dropping dead after you just signed them. You'd be wanting to know why it wasn't picked up and had his club been hiding it etc etc. Could have got very unpleasant.

    I think you'd gone from irc yesterday when we expressing our shock at the story.

  4. Ah, ok, misread your tone :)

    Yes, seems it was a known heart 'defect' unfortunately. Guess that's why he disappeared from the radar. Very sad anyway.