Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Footing The Bill

Here's another quite cool Google maps app - type in a street (although postcodes work better for the UK) and it will give it a walk score based on how 'walkable' local amenities are:

Obviously it can only track locations and businesses that show up in Google Maps (it didn't pull in our excellent local Thai place) but anything that helps me avoid the fuming logjam of chaos which is London's South Circular is a boon - we scored 62, what about you?


  1. We got a 60. Probably should try harder except the row of shops at the top of our street is missing and it contains a chippy, cafe, general store, newsagent, laundry etc.
    Surely we should get bonus points for having four parks within walking distance. :-)

  2. 29 - but then again, we are on the v outskirts of York (as you know, its pretty much all fields from the bottom of the street).

    Out of interest, I put Waveney Ave in and only got 53 - I'd imagine thats down to Peckham Rye getting in the way :-)

  3. We also got 60, but again it missed quite a few places that are important locally.

    Good find though.

  4. Well I think parks do score points, but then again Ladywell Fields is not listed and that's just over the hill from us!

    OK, so it's fatally flawed. I do apologise for wasting your time :)

  5. Gosh where I used to live was a 71. I must be going down in the world. (easy).