Friday, 31 August 2007

Arseki? No Thanks

Obviously the sale of shares by David Dein to a not very nice Russian is a matter for concern. As Henry Winter says:
The battle for control of Ashburton Grove is officially under way. All eyes are now on Danny Fiszman, Arsenal's majority shareholder, to see how he reacts to Dein camping on his lawn and firing 50-rouble notes at him.
I'm with Arseblogger. Yes, I know it's not the 1950s; yes, we have a stadium sponsored by an airline; yes, we have to compete with the other clubs bankrolled by fat cigar-smoking fraudsters. But it will pain me to see all our tradition go to the highest bidder when in Arsene Wenger we have a manager who would rather use his considerable intelligence to draw together seemingly disparate elements into a team that can compete on the pitch, rather than be a puppet in a global money pissing contest .

(And if Dein can't get control of Arsenal, do you know what he wants to do? He wants to be Head of the FA....)

UPDATE: Very good precis on Gunnerblog

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