Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Windows Installer for Ubuntu

Ubuntu Windows Installer (Prototype)

This looks amazing - it's only a development version at the moment but this will download and install Ubuntu Linux on your Windows system without the need for burning and ISO to CD or re-partitioning or changing the default boot drive, etc, etc. It looks like it installs it in the Windows partition and then adds a line to the Windows bootloader, thus giving you the choice at startup. Outstanding issues are discussed in this forum but I fully intend to give it a try later this week (they are currently uploading a new version to their servers) on my little Toshiba Port├ęge* 340T (which has no floppy or CD drive).

UPDATE: I have started to download the Ubuntu installer torrent - 23.6% and counting (only ~7 hours to go)

UPDATE2: Installer successfully downloaded (and still 'seeding' like a good little torrenter). Now, bet you can't guess what I shall be doing this evening...

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