Thursday, 18 January 2007

Mmmm, cake

Hurrah! Just received Antonia's contribution for the Cake-Off (addressed to the "Cake Assessment Unit", much to the amusement of our post-room). So it's off to M&S for some extra-mature cheddar to have with hers (below left) and Rowan's (below right):

The Final Of The Official 2006 Christmas Cake-Off


Results to be announced at a special presentation dinner to be held at Claridges, with special guests Barry Chuckle, Shergar and Jade Goody.


  1. Ah! Google's pulled its knickers up at last and I can finally leave a comment.

    Of course you're too much of a gentleman to declare anything other than a draw, as we all knew from the get-go, so I applaud you on your cunning tactics to basically score loads of cake. Well done sir. And happy birthday!

  2. Oh, parp. I meant to leave this on 'Raisin the Bar'.