Friday, 19 January 2007

Got wind?

So London Bridge mainline station was completely closed last night after two panes of glass fell from the roof in the high winds. Full-on 999 sirens Police-Do-Not-Cross move along now please flashing blue light mayhem. But although trains were still passing through the station on platforms 1-6, nobody was allowed in to try and catch them. Isn't it pathetic how we have turned into such a 'Nanny State' - if I want to try and dodge a 60mph whirling maelstrom of razor-sharp Victorian roofing materials on my daily commute, I should be allowed to do so :)

Anyway, it's good to test one's on-the-spot London Transport knowledge in these situations so in case you were wondering:
  1. Walk to Borough High Street

  2. Jubilee Line* to Southwark

  3. Walk to Waterloo East

  4. Train to Ladywell

  5. P4 bus to Honor Oak Park
Total journey time: 1h 45m

* I wonder if the people I was on the Tube with ever got home to Brighton?


  1. I was trying to go back to Clapham from Gipsy Hill and there were no trains and no busses. I think it might be something to do with being at the top of a hill. That might explain why one of the tiles flew off of our roof as well - it was at that moment that I fully felt like a homeowner for the first time. Damn that wind it's trying to hurt my house!

    Anyway in case your interested the alternative route is:

    1 Stand waiting for 25 minutes for a 322 to clapham common.

    2 Decide there is no bus coming and walk to the top of Gipsy Hill to try and find a Number 3.

    3 Meet people coming other way who tell you there is no number 3 because of trees and asking if I've seen a 322

    4 Break off conversation and jump in a cab.

  2. I'm glad someone else had a nightmare yesterday too. It took me three buses and well over an hour to get make what is normally a 30 min journey. this was after my hour at Kings Cross trying to go North.