Thursday, 11 January 2007

iCame, iSaw, iPhone

Apple's announcement the other day of it's shiny new iPhone device (mobile/VoIP phone, MP3/video player, camera, web browser) has prompted messageboards everywhere to echo to the sound of the world's uber-geeks deriding its lack of GPS/3G/MMS/3MPcamera/keyboard/espresso machine.
(delete as applicable)

But Apple has never really tried to appeal to the bleeding-edge-tech-spec crowd, focusing instead on the user experience and minimalist design qualities. It doesn't launch in the US until June (Q4 over here) and you wouldn't back against them having had at least some of those gripes in hand but held back until after the launch to see exactly what dust got kicked up in the scramble to take a look at it. Also, given Apple's history with screens, it will be interesting to see how they have addressed that issue with something that solely uses it for UI; and that re-imagining of the mobile phone interface could be the absolute kicker. Less is indeed more.

If nothing else, Apple is master of the big announcement - our office talked about nothing else for about two hours yesterday morning, with the COO at one point asking if they might even replace the ubiquitous Blackberry. Apple stock went up 8% (with RIM and Palm down 12%) on the back of the announcement - and they haven't shipped a single unit yet. There is already a countdown site where you can make one out of paper (and also here).

And even if Doug thinks it will be, and I quote, "DRM-infested arse", if they get the price point right (look how much iPods have come down in the last year) and offer decent discounts for those prepared to take on longer mobile contracts, for many people this is going to be a very desirable device. If they can get the legal wrangling over the name sorted out :)

So here it is:

Just kidding:

You know you want one...

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