Tuesday, 6 October 2009

You've Been Jugged

As I popped out for a bite to eat this morning, a smartly-dressed young man with exotic sideburns stopped me in the street, asked if I was Jewish and, confusingly, waved a lemon in my face.

Do I look like I am a) Jewish or b) riddled with scurvy or c) both? And what would you call the Jewish version of a chugger - a Jugger?

Obviously, I was tempted to grab his hand and shout 'Ken!' to find out more, but I was in desperate need of a bacon sandwich.



  1. Chuggers, never heard that before, but now my favorite word.

    I work on a college campus and these people are thick as flies all year round. If it's not chuggers then it's signature gatherers for one of out bi-weekly ballot measures or the latest joy to hit campus; the LaRouche supporters who compare Obama to Hitler.

    You can't even hide from these people with your headphones on because they will get in your face and wave maniacally at you until you stop.

    It's crazy.

  2. Odd that they should target students, who almost certainly have no money, although they probably fall for the guilt trip. Round where I work (the City) there is clearly plenty more money but less in the way of actual guilt.

    I guess its six of one and half a dozen of the other (but collateralised into thirteen tranches and sold to the Chinese).