Sunday, 18 October 2009

But It's No iPhone...

You should probably read this:

"Oil is vital and Britain hasn't got much of it. I hope it won't be vital forever but it certainly still is. There are worse reasons to fight or appease than the procurement of a necessity. If we went to war for food, I doubt anyone would blame us."


  1. Private Eye has been running a number of features on this recently. The evidence appears to point to Megrahi's innocence, and his early release a way of avoiding an appeals process that would have been damaging for both the British and US governments.

    Against this back-story it looks as though David Mitchell is guilty of slightly cheap point-scoring. Either that or he doesn't read Private Eye.

  2. Interesting, thanks Daz. I'll try to pick up the Private Eyes in question (Alex often has back issues kicking about at work...)