Thursday, 20 November 2008

Polishing Chrome

I have been trying out the Google Chrome browser, because - well, it's shiny. So far, a resounding, if beta, yes. Simple, clean UI incorporating (aka stealing :) the best bits of functionality from Firefox, Opera and IE, it has made me question nearly all the add-ons I have installed in FF3 which seem to only serve to a) slow it down and b) leak memory all over the shop. Chrome is definitely a (qualified - no Mouse Gestures yet?) win.

However, one of the things I do a lot, other than posting drivel on this blog, is send interesting links to other people. Hang on, where is the Menu toolbar? Where is File > Send Link? It's not even a Right-Click option! Don't panic, Captain Mainwaring...

Nice fix. Thank you!


  1. sadly it breaks almost every web-based gui i use in my everyday work, sometimes with dangerous consequences. as a result i haven't really been able to test-drive it fully. and i'd miss gestures too much. will be good in time tho in think...

  2. Yeah, it's very beta isn't it. I've just notice that once you are in the Blogger pop-up (Blog-This) it refuses to let you add a hyperlink to the text!

    Also crashes with the BBC player in pop-out. Still I shall keep reporting the bugs :)