Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fifteen Lovejoy

Just heard that utter n*b Tim Lovejoy on 606 complaining about the Arsenal fans starting a Mexican Wave last night:
"...oooh so you're just all concentrating on standing up and sitting down, why aren't you watching the football, thought Arsenal were an attractive side, why aren't you watching them then, it's a disgrace, etc and so on..."
a) Carlos Vela is Mexican.
b) He scored.
c) The Mexican Wave was a tribute to him.
d) Tim Lovejoy is a c*ck.

Nothing further to add.

Oh, I'm sorry, there is -- did Chelsea just get knocked out 5-4 on penalties by Burnley, Tim? Ooooops...


  1. hmmm... i don't know who tim Lovejoy is but he sounds like a bit of a c*ck

    (why are we using asterisks? Is language censored on your blog?)

  2. Ah yes, if I have it correct you are t'other side of t'globe, no? He's a moronic Chelsea-supporting three-year-old who someone saw fit to give a TV show to.

    And no censorship here, I just like asterisks. And obelisks :)