Sunday, 22 June 2008

Zattoo Much For You?

Telly being hogged by kids addicted to Boogie Beebies and 64 Zoo Lane? No bother, just install Zattoo and enjoy live streaming terrestrial channels on your PC. Apparently, due a copyright loophole, this is a legal P2P service (albeit in a grey area to do with the uninterrupted re-transmission of 'public service' broadcasting) and it works incredibly well:

Bring on the French Grand Prix at lunchtime (I'll be in the garden...)

UPDATE: screenshot from Ubuntu about 5 mins ago with Zattoo in action alongside Firefox and IRC (yes, I got madwifi for Atheros working eventually):


  1. Obviously ITV already stream the Grand Prix live; I'll be interested to see which proves the better option!

  2. That will be interesting to see although both at the same time might be a bit of a problem!

    Looking like a good afternoon for it!

  3. So far, Zattoo is ~30 seconds ahead of the ITV footage. Also, default volume on the ITV site is way lower than Zattoo, which is a pain on a laptop! Hard to tell in the garden but I think ITV resolution is higher - that said, the audio is choppy at times.

    Amazingly, I can stream both of them at the same time with no buffering.

  4. What is Ubuntu?

    I thought it was a brand of fair trade cola: