Monday, 2 June 2008

Preparing The Desktop

So I have taken the plunge and got a new laptop, an Asus X51RL. Decent spec for a nice price, top job, well done

Anyway, it comes with Windows Vista, so in the interests of science and fair investigation, I have unboxed and fired it up (don't worry, the Ubuntu disc is standing by...)

At present, I have been bewitched by the following helpful messages, for literally minutes at a time:
Vista is checking your computer to determine its capabilities
Preparing your personalised desktop - please wait...
Vista needs your permission to continue*
Your computer must be restarted now
Configuring updates...
This is a pre-installed operating system! What happened to open the box, detect the nearest wireless network and off you go? It does seem to be a bit of a Vistastrophe so far...

So far, Vista looks very pretty (having seemingly nicked as much of the eye candy as possible from Mac OS-X and Google Desktop) but as for getting anything done? I'll tell you later. Much later. Perhaps "Windows Vista: Ultimate Paranoia (Are You Sure?) Edition (Y/N?)" might be the next version. I eventually had to fire up the Eee to write this post :)

* oh, this one has got very annoying already...

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