Monday, 30 June 2008

In, Out, Zoom It All About

So upgrading to Firefox 3, then. Very nice, lots of spiffy features, faster page load times, better rendering, etc. The world and his wife have blogged about it, no need to say any more here - but wait!

Something is not quite right. Why does the...when I...what the? Could they possibly have reversed the directions of the handy Ctrl+ScrollWheel zoom in/out feature?


And that does not bode well for the muscle memory of long-term users of the aforementioned feature like what I am. Still, about:config to the rescue; make the following change (default value is 1):
mousewheel.withcontrolkey.numlines = -1
More riveting debate on this issue here: Mozilla Bug #141476

I am in total agreement with the last commenter:
Pulling the mousewheel DOWN is like PULLING the page toward you. Pushing the mousewheel UP is like PUSHING the page away from you. Think of how a fishing reel or a pulley works.
Er, yes. Carry on :)


  1. I don't think you should switch it personally. Just because now it will be the same as the accurssed internet exploder which will be very handy at the office. And you can't fix it in IE.

  2. I could. But then I might get used to it. And then what would I complain about when using IE? Apart from all the other stuff.