Friday, 2 May 2008

What The Qwerty?

This is an astonishing balls-up by Dell:

Try touch typing on this

"Looks normal, right? Look at your own keyboard... notice anything different? Okay, maybe you don't. But try actually typing on this and it all becomes far too apparent. The whole of the bottom row of letters (Z, X, C...) is one too far to the right. The Z should be below and between A and S, not S and D.

You're looking at a brand new Dell Vostro 1310, ordered the day after its released, and delivered on 30th April 2008 in the UK."


  1. I'm glad I bought a logitech keyboard to go with my new dell then!

  2. I've got a vostro 1700 and it's perfect. Unlike my typing.