Friday, 9 May 2008


Freyja is very funny at the moment. She especially likes (and gets the terrible giggles to) the song I sing when she brushes her teeth. Now this is not your regular classic Dad version of "This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth..." (repeat ad infinitum)

Hell no.

For some reason which currently eludes me but which I imagine I ought to think about, I have somehow led her to believe that teeth should be brushed to the strains of the Banana Splits theme tune:

So far, so great-fun-remember-it-well-happy-days-thanks-very-much. Ah, but wait, there's more. You see, I couldn't remember the words to the TV show theme tune so I just sung the the ones we used to sing at junior school. Which were ever so slightly rude...

And so now I have a dilemma - do I adapt the teeth-brushing song to reflect the actual TV theme tune words and risk Freyja noticing and refusing to brush her teeth ever again and costing me a fortune in dentistry bills? Or do I carry on in the vague hope that she is laughing too much to pick up on the puerile WWII era genitalia references?

Vote now, if the thingy wotsit below works. If it doesn't, just feel free to tarnish me as a terrible parent and go about your day:


  1. its obviously just me that does these everyday things without having to resort to musical accompaniment....

  2. Well we tried the Bringing Up Baby As A Trappist Monk system but it was worse than Gina 'Lock 'Em In A Box' Ford...

  3. no, I just wonder if I'm missing a trick. you're not the first person I know to say that they sing their way through daily kiddie routines.

  4. Oh. Well, er, I do. Otherwise I think I'd have gone mad by now. The best bit is of course when you hear:

    "No, no more singing Daddy please Freyja not liiiiike it..."

    Then you know you've won, mwahahaha, etc.

  5. Actually, now I think about it, I think it is just you that's commented about singing along to the daily routines :)

    BTW I asked Jacob if he wanted me to sing along when he was brushing his teeth. He looked at me askance and then said "no mummy, I can managed just fine without you singing".

    just you then ;)

  6. My Dad used to sing the first couple of verses of 'Oh Lord it's hard to be humble'
    while shaving, that used to have me in histerics everytime.

    I highly recommend this style of Dad behaviour.

  7. @claire: I really like that...

    "...when you're perfect in eeeeeevery waaaaaaaay"