Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Give It A Flickr

Right, after some Holmesian detective work, I have discovered why our Flickr photostream had not updated since the end of March. It turns out that this coincided with us starting to use the Uploadr application (rather than the web interface) which, for reasons I cannot at this moment fathom, does not take your content/privacy preferences from your Account Profile. Why? I don't know - it bothers you for your username to go and grab your tags and sets data, so how hard can it be! Pfft. So it happily sits there defaulting to 'Moderate' (rather than 'Safe') which means that Mr Clapham Omnibus needs to sign up for a Flickr account to view things. Most irritating when you are trying to share your new bundle of joy and that.

Anyway, all of which geekery brings me to say that I have hit the relevant bits with a spanner and there are now loads of pictures of Theo and Freyja (and the odd one or two of the snow) which can be found here:

No login, no guest pass, no hairwash night*


* that's a private joke for Freyja - she reads this on her Eee, you know...

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  1. Oh yeah, I know about that. I should have said something. We had the same problem with Katherine.